GREEN GOLD – Phytoplankton Supplement

Green Gold, Marine Phytoplankton is a 100% pure and natural source of nannochloropsis gaditana phytoplankton which could help to:

  • Strengthen immune function
  • Improve brain and memory function
  • Promote cellular regeneration
  • Rich source of all nutrients, vitamins, and minerals
  • Perfect for adults of any age and fitness level*
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What is Marine Phytoplankton

Marine phytoplankton, also known as Microalgae or fytoplankton, is tiny organisms that exist in marine environments. Marine phytoplankton transforms carbon dioxide (CO2) into oxygen through photosynthesis, making it a major contributor to an oxygen rich environment on earth for billions of years.

Marine phytoplankton is confirmed to be packed full of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to support life on a cellular level. It is these benefits that have led to extensive research to uncover the marine phytoplankton health benefits for human consumption.

From the testing of over 40,000 species of phytoplankton, only four species are confirmed valuable for human consumption. The most beneficial being a phytoplankton species known as “Nannochloropsis Gaditana phytoplankton.”

Green Gold is a pure source of nannochloropsis gaditana phytoplankton. To see the benefits Green Gold can provide to you, read below.

 Green Gold has similar health benefits to broccoli, spinach and kale.

What is Green Gold?

GREEN GOLD is a 100% pure and natural source of nannochloropsis gaditana phytoplankton product with absolutely zero additives, conservatives and pesticides*.

“Be confident with a supplement that could help to detoxify your blood and remove toxins, enhance oxygenation and circulation and reverse abnormal cell division*.”

Health Benefits of Green Gold

GREEN GOLD could be the answer to improve and achieve your optimal health. GREEN GOLD’s  benefits can extend to:

  • strengthening your immune system
  • enhancing your metabolism
  • increasing your oxygen update
  • cleansing and detoxify your body
  • improving your energy levels
  • increasing brain and memory function
  • stimulating cellular regeneration
  • improved mood*.

Do you want the endless health benefits from our premium quality supplement?

Product Information

GREEN GOLD is a high-quality product sourced from a reputable wholesaler in Europe. Green Gold is grown in a controlled, chemical-free marine environment.

Being grown in a controlled environment, it meansGREEN GOLD is free from additives, conservatives, and pesticides and contains no accumulation of mercury, heavy metals or polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB).

GREEN GOLD naturally contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, carotenoids, enzymes and proteins that the body requires to achieve optimal health from ingredients including:

✓ 100% Pure Organic Nannochloropsis Gaditana Powder

✓ Chlorophyll

✓ EPA (healthy omega-3 essential fatty acids) (10-20%)

✓ Astaxanthin and Canthaxanthin (important antioxidants)

✓ Phospholipids (which help in the absorption of EPA and other essential Omega 3 fatty acids)

✓ Beta-carotene and zeaxanthin

✓ Violaxanthin, antheraxanthin, vaucheriaxanthin (all powerful antioxidants)

✓ Complete protein (50%)

The serving GREEN GOLD, Marine Phytoplankton Supplement, is 1g  (1 Level scoop):

  • 1 Serve in the am
  • 1 Serve in the pm

GREEN GOLD is not suitable for children under 15 years of age. Green Gold is not recommended for pregnant women or women who may be pregnant. This good is not a sole source of nutrition and should be consumed in moderation with a nutritious diet and an appropriate training or exercise program. Not recommended for people with food allergies, especially shellfish allergies. Green Gold is a supplementary product only.

LifeProof Supplements recommends consulting your General Practitioner if you are unsure about taking the product or for further advice about the product.


Frequently Asked Questions – Green Gold

Yes! GREEN GOLD Phytoplankton is very safe to consume for most people* as it is grown in a controlled environment with no additives, conservatives or pesticides and contains no accumulation of mercury or heavy metals. Green Gold is sourced from our reputable supplier in Europe who uses the highest level of food safety protocols during production.

Being a natural marine phytoplankton supplement, you can expect a fishy taste when consuming, similar to that of a fish oil tablet. To reduce the strength of the fishy taste, why not mix your GREEN GOLD it with any type of juice or even milk!

You can store in your pantry or away from direct sunlight.

Yes, GREEN GOLD is proudly 100% pure Marine Phytoplankton so there are no additives to our product.

GREEN GOLD marine phytoplankton is full of the core nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for peak health. Better still, being a single cell organism, GREEN GOLD will be immediately digested and absorbed into your body, going straight to your liver and bloodstream. The fast cell penetration means you will see the benefits and restore your health in a very short period of time.

Discover the benefits of Green Gold. 

Disclaimer: The content contained within this Green Gold site is provided for informational purposes only. LifeProof Supplement makes no claims about diagnosis, treatment or cure of diseases as this information has not been an evaluation by medical experts. The information provided on this site is not medical advice and it’s recommended to consult a qualified medical practitioner or healthcare provider prior to taking any of LifeProof’s Supplements.