IgF-1 and Bovine Colostrum – Facts and Benefits for Humans

As a body builder, we know the right combination of training and nutrition can only get us so far in sculpting the perfect physique. Yet for that extra boost and to aid with muscle recovery, we reply on supplementation. If for you, that extra boost is about muscle growth then you’ll be interested in Bovine Colostrum Supplements and its key compound IGF-1. Want the scientific facts? Read on….

Firstly for those who are unfamiliar with Bovine Colostrum, it’s a pre-milk substance produced by breed of cow (bovine) to her calf and “a very complex fluid rich in nutrients, antibodies and growth factors” (R. Pakkanen & J. Aalto, 1997). Bovine colostrum is also “loaded with immune, growth and tissue repair factors” (F.O Uruakpa, M.A.H Ismond & E.N.T Akobundua).

When created into a supplement form, Bovine Colostrum functions as human growth hormones in our bodies. Researchers and scientists believe that colostrum is the only natural source of two major growth factors namely, transforming growth factors alpha and beta, and insulin-like growth factors 1 and 2 (IGF-1 and IGF-2). These growth factors have significant muscle and cartilage repair characteristics1.

IGF-1 is a complex compound consisting of seventy amino acids strategically chained to three intramolecular components that structurally resembles the insulin molecule. IGF-1 holds the same amino acid amounts as insulin and is responsible for the ‘anabolic reactions’ to growth hormones in our body.

IGF-1 in Bovine Colostrum is important for humans not only for growth but also for the acceleration of the bodies healing process by reproducing the dead cells damaged from injury.

For those athletes who are looking for vitality, fast healing of injuries and a boost for performance in sports and muscle growth, we recommend our bovine colostrum supplement, Milk of Life.

Milk of Life contains 20% IGF per 300g tub so taken correctly you could see the benefits in no time. Best of all, Milk of Life comes with documented quality assurance and certified goods manufacturing practices cause like you, here at LifeProof Supplements (lpsupplements) we appreciate quality and are against filling our bodies with crap.

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P.S:  When considering bovine colostrum supplementation, just be mindful as to whether it’s right for you and if in doubt, seek the advice of health experts or professionals.  It is also encouraged always for one to seek medical assistance in all cases of complications not limited to the use of supplements.

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